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Welcome to JDM Janitorial Services. We are a premier janitorial service offering a wide range of service options for the commercial cleaning industry. We service everything from large corporate buildings to small businesses. Many of our customers have found that our vast selection of janitorial services have allowed them to have one provider. Our services are molded to fit our individual client's requirements and assist our customers in obtaining the things they have been lacking from services in the past.


There are approximately 50,000 janitorial services in the U.S. to date. What sets one janitorial service apart from another? If you're still selecting your janitorial services by the lowest bidder only, then you're probably constantly searching for new providers.

We provide all of our potential clients a free onsite consultation. During our visit to your facility we will document your current janitorial services for areas of missed-opportunities, size and area requiring services, and formulate a comprehensive plan of janitorial services tailor made for your company. Then we work with you to put together a package that leaves you, your customers, your employees, whoever uses your facilities, happier and more comfortable in their environment. 

If you want to know what janitorial services you may be missing, call us for a free janitorial service consultation today.

Always remember our company motto is, "We will empty your trash, and not your pockets."

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At JDM Janitorial, we understand that first impressions matters. That is why we are dedicated to delivering exceptional services that improve your customer experiences, and provide a lasting impression of your business.

Your Satisfaction is Our Mission.
That's Our Promise.

At JDM Janitorial Service, your satisfaction is our mission. We give you uncompromising services without holding the bottom line hostage.

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