Post-Construction Cleanup

How Many Companies Does It Take to Complete a Construction Clean-Up?

Construction-Clean-Up at JDM Janitorial services

Finally you have reached the finish line. The painters are done, with just a few touch-ups left, and the glass guys actually finished on schedule. Nothing can come between you and that bonus, except that now you must schedule a construction clean-up crew, a crew to strip and wax the VCT, and a crew to do the 3 story windows.

Let JDM Janitorial Service be your one stop shop for all of those needs and more. While we specialize in construction clean -up, our cleaners complete tasks daily in all of the core areas of facility maintenance.

So put away that huge stack of business cards, and pick up the phone to call the one company you need for your construction clean up. JDM Janitorial construction clean up service.

JDM Janitorial Service Provides Post-Construction Clean-Up to Dallas-Fort Worth Area Businesses.

Construction clean-up is often the most overlooked portion of any construction project. JDM Janitorial Services first customer was a construction cleaning project, and in seven years, we have helped some of the largest retailers, and commercial businesses open their new buildings.

We specialize in construction clean-up so that your project will never be late due to an inexperienced construction cleaning crew again. We are constantly updating our techniques to continue our high level of quality service while turning your projects over to you even quicker.

Our customers are constantly amazed at our ability to turn over project after project in a timely manner, and their customers love that they are able to open on schedule.

You can count on JDM Janitorial Service to help make your properties move-in ready with our post construction cleaning services.

We offer rough, final, and touch-up construction cleaning services to newly built restaurants, commercial offices, multi-family homes, and retail buildings.

We are here to help you. Connect with a JDM Industry Service Line expert to discuss your needs.

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